10 middle school boys build a basketball court in the Dominican Republic

10 Richmond Virginia boys head down to a remote village in the Domincan Republic to build the village children their own basketball court.

Hey There! We are a group of middle school boys from Richmond Virginia.  All of us have been friends for a long time and enjoy doing the typical stuff.  We play sports, listen to music, study, and  play videos games, but this summer we have an adventure coming up!!  A bunch of us are heading to The Dominican Republic,  to a small village called Aqua De Luis to spend time with, and learn about the people and their customs. 

We know that the kids there don't have many of the things we take for granted everyday.. including electricity and running water. But we do have some things in common, like our love of sports.

While we are there, we want to bring a little bit of our culture to the kids of the village.  Our plan is to build an awesome basketball court and teach the kids there how to play. We will have some locals put down the concrete before we get there (due to time contraints) but we will install the hoops, paint the court and put on all the finishing touches. We know the kids will love it and can enjoy it for years to come. 

We are all paying our own way to get there, but we need funds for the court itself.  It will cost about $6000.00, and although we know thats a lot to raise , we know we can do it and will be so worth it when we see the look on the kids faces  playing  ball on their own court. 


Check out our video and thanks for watching!

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