Kate Logan

Los Angeles, California, United States

Kate Logan grew up in parallel universes. She was brought-up in a New Yorker reading, Peace-Core volunteering family in Michigan and out of rebellion she became a born-again Christian at the age of 12. With one foot in the world of contemporary Christian rock singing evangelicals and the other in the merlot-loving academic circles of her parents, Kate learned from a young age how to understand people from both sides of the so-called culture-wars. After attending (and becoming the black sheep of) a conservative evangelical university, she embraced the more nuanced views of her liberal, hippy family members and was re-reborn a healthy liberal feminist with a somewhat confusing background.

Her unique perspective and voice lends itself well to translating the nuances of contemporary faith movements to a non-religious audience. Her ability to speak the language of evangelicals while maintaining an unbiased perspective is what gave her the unprecedented access she needed to film a documentary on a controversial Christian reform school in the Dominican Republic, which is currently in post production.

One thing that has been constant in her life is her love of telling stories. Kate made her first documentary in high school and after finishing the film she promptly informed her parents that she was moving to Los Angeles for film school. Her screenplay, “Nora Breaks Free,” won the Biola University screenplay writing scholarship contest and became a featured You Tube video.

Kate has worked on several feature documentaries, including “Haiti: The Sleeping Giant” on the history of Haiti, directed by LJ Aryeetey. Currently she is completing her first feature documentary, working title “Kidnapped for Christ,” with East Pleasant Pictures. Kate graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Film Production from and a chip on her shoulder from Biola University.

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