Grupo Lobo

Lisbon, Portugal

The Grupo Lobo is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded in 1985 with the goal to contribute to the Conservation of Iberian Wolf and its habitat in Portugal.

The wolf’s world distribution has been severely reduced. This situation led to great efforts to avoid extinction, as if we don’t act in a precise and positive way we risk the extinction on yet another animal species.

Bearing in mind the population status of this carnivore in Iberian Peninsula, the Grupo Lobo, initiated, in 1987, a multidisciplinary project – Signatus Program – which aims to guarantee the wolf’s survival in Portugal through several actions grouped in three different areas:

  • Public Awareness: Divulge and spread correct information about this often misunderstood and persecuted predator
  • Scientific Studies Support: Promote and participate in scientific studies, namely on the biology and anthropology fields, that aim to a better knowledge about the wolf and the wolf-man interactions.
  • Promotion of Practical Conservation Measures: Contribute to a true conservation politics, not only for the wolf but for the Natural Portuguese Heritage.

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