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Kyoto-shi, Japan

Jen L Teeter is a human rights advocate, a freelance translator, a singer, a teacher, and a advocate for the oceans and all of Earth's creatures. Growing up in a diverse suburb of Chicago and coming from a family of mixed religious and cultural ancestry exposed her to the beauty of multifaceted perspectives.

In her free time she does capoeira, writes music, and supports her friends and family in their pursuits and is recently trying to do a back handspring on her own. She passionately tries to bring positive transformation to the world through the following organizations:

Greenheart Project, Media Coordinator

Making fair trade truly fair by making transportation zero-emisions, low-impact, and accessible.

Aotearoa-Ainu Exchange,

Through the Aotearoa/Ainumosir Exchange Programme, we plan to send ten Ainu people on a one-month long-term program to study the various ambitious endeavors of Maori people who have successfully revitalized their rights as indigenous people while living with strength in the society of New Zealand (Aotearoa, in Maori).

10,000 Things, Co-Blogger

Netroots blog on peace building, human rights, ecological protection, animal welfare, indigenous renewal, social justice, & affirmative creative expression.

Kyoto Journal, Heartwork section Editor

A non-profit volunteer-based quarterly magazine established in 1986, Kyoto Journal offers interviews, essays, translations, humor, fiction, poetry and reviews, accompanied by memorable photo-essays, original illustrations and award-winning design. Latest publication Fresh Curents: Japan's Flow from a Nuclear Past to a Renewable Future (Download Free )

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