Toby Johansen

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

It's like an orgasm touching every page of this masterpiece!

<p>My name is Toby Johansen, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, growing up I realized I had a great love for art, drawing and coloring whatever came to mind mostly in the characters part then the backgrounds, then writing soon came along and I loved it as much as my art, then filmmaking came along where I would shoot little clay figures or action figures. I'm truly inspired by the awesomely morbid art films known to everyone as Horror, slashers, gory monster flicks, T &amp; A, disturbing suspense, you name it and I love every drop of blood there is about Horror!</p> <p>I could go on almost forever talking about what it is that I love about filmmaking. I love the stories, I love the characters in the stories, I love the effect of the stories, I actually love seeing and embracing the things not a whole lot of people would in terms of the darkness, but I love it.

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