Jeff Ellis

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Cloudscape Comics Society

Cloudscape Comics formed as a means for a group of Vancouver area artists to collectively produce and promote a new comics anthology. However, we want Cloudscape to stand for more than just that. Comics are a tough field to work in. It takes a lot of time and effort and willpower. Cloudscape’s intention is to be an organization where talented comic artists can meet and support one another while contributing to the already flourishing comics community in the Lower Mainland. To this end we hold weekly workshops where we can share our ideas and get feedback on our work. A great idea is only the beginning. Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to point out ways you can really make the work shine! Our long-term goal is to increase the profile of local talent and that of the medium itself. Along the way it is hoped that we can create comics that provide content with universal appeal, and also attract new audiences who may not normally read comics.

With the launch of our first Anthology Robots Pine Trees and Broken Hearts cloudscape entered the independant comics scene. We were very pleased by the positive response and went on to produce Historyonics: Stories Drawn from the Past, Which featured an even bigger roster of talent and higher production value. Immediately following that came Funday Sunnies. A tribute to Sunday Dailies, which features comics from seventeen local artists. Our latest book Exploded View, is a science fiction anthology which features 25 former and current BC artists. Each with their own unique vision. This is our most ambitious project to date, and has surpassed all our previous efforts in both quality and sales. Cloudscape is very proud of our books and all the help and compliments we’ve received and are deeply appreciative of our supporters.

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