erin palmquist

Oakland, California, United States

Director of Photography

Erin Palmquist is an independent filmmaker who feels strongly about creating documentary film as a means for community outreach and education.  She graduated from San Francisco State University’s Cinema Program with an emphasis in visual anthropology and cinematography. Upon Graduation she worked at Lucasfilm on the Young Indiana Jones Project assisting in the final year of a four-year project in which 94 historical documentaries were produced as one body of work.  Erin then joined with Bonni Cohen at Actual Films as her associate producer on the National Geographic Explorer documentary The Last Christians of Bethlehem.  She was the producer, editor, and director of photography for BDSM: It’s Not What You Think!, director of photography for Anthony Palombit's film, Out on The Dance Floor, and has worked for companies such as PBS and the Leaky Foundation.  Alongside 5 Blocks, she is currently in production, as co-producer and director of photography, on Exiled in America a feature length documentary chronicling the resettlement process of an Iraqi refugee in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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