Dan DeLuca

DC, District of Columbia, United States

Left the cubicle for the set.

Received my Master's Degree in 1995, worked for "The Man," and decided to chuck it all for a career as an actor/filmmaker.  I moved to NYC and studied at HB Studio for two years before returning to the DC area where most notably I have been fortunate enough to get a recurring role in HBO's The Wire (season 4) and multiple other roles in feature and television work. 

Aside from my acting career I have written and produced projects for television and theatrical release including the award winning Indy Comedy "Two Minute Heist." DC has been a wonderful area for undiscovered talent from cast to crew who exemplify passion for the industry along with a true team mentality. 

To sustain my habit as a filmmaker I do quite a bit of corporate work as a director and actor and write when time permits.  Like most artists, the path is an uphill battle but one I would not change for anything.

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