Rufus Stone

London, United Kingdom

I'm a people person, I like people...

Rufus Stone is Special Projects Director at Sister, a creative multi-platform communications agency that strategically integrates public relations with marketing, advertising, social media, digital design, web development and film production.

Rufus has spent much of his life networking, meeting people and travelling all over the world. His passion for experiential and multi channel communications is driven by his love of music, film, theatre and art so you'll find most of the people in his life are connected to these in some way.

Rufus is currently working with the following Sister clients:

The Crown Estate:
- Regent Street, London W1
- St James's, London SW1

The Attic Room:
- First Orbit (Viral Experiential Documentary Film)
- Moonwalk One - The Director's Cut (2 x DVD Set Documentary Film)

Alchemy Mastering
- Barry Grint (Mastering and Vinyl Cutting Engineer)

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