Rachel Parent

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kids Right To Know, GMOs Just Label It! Campaign

The Kids Right To Know, GMOs Just Label It! Campaign is founded on the belief that we have the “Right to Know” what’s in our food, helping to create mass awareness about the dangers of GMOs and to push for their mandatory labeling. Funds received will help with the expenses of printing, videos, touring and GMO awareness, for better health and to help save the environment. "One Planet for All, All for one Planet" Rachel Parent Goal: To raise funds to cover the costs associated with the campaign, including printing, creating videos, and touring to increase awareness (particularly for children) about the dangers of unlabeled GMOs that unsuspecting parents are feeding their families every day. Foods from companies such as Kellogg’s, Kraft, Sara Lee, McCain’s, Nestle, and Frito-Lay, just to name a few.

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