Lucas Fehr

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Working toward our mutual delight

Hi, I'm Lucas

As a freelance illustrator for the last 6 years, I've created thousands of custom and personalized Greeting Cards for my clients, as well as commercial work including: character designs, backgrounds promotional posters and logos for my clients and for my community. 

I love Sci-Fi (I was raised on Star Wars), Samurai Legends and Zombies. I LOVE Zombies! And though I'm scared to death by the real challenges that face humanity, I ultimately have faith in life and in the spirit of compassion and the appreciation of truth that will guide us in our greater understanding of the universe, the big WOW. 

I've always wanted to create something so fantastic that it would dazzle the sharpest eyes. To this end I submit to work like a monk that my humble efforts coalesce in a story worthy of our highest aspirations for love, transformation and transcendence that everyone can appreciate and share. And I submit this with a prayer that it be of good use in the world. 

And also because zombies, magical space samurai and stuff are so damn cool! 

Now that I've shared my vision with you, let's see it become reality.


space garden - of eden 


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