Jomarie Zeleznik

New York, New York, United States


I am a geriatric physician with a practice in a diverse and culturally rich neighborhood in the Bronx. I also take care of patients in the best nursing home in the Bronx. I often claim to know more caregivers than anyone on planet earth. If thats an exageration, then I at least constantly encouter unending variations of caregiving experiences from my professional practice. I share caregiving responsibilites for my 85 year old mother with a live in caregiver who I found by placing a "needle in a haystack" ad on Craigslist. My father lives in the nursing home where I work, He often tells me about his many varied colors of girlfriends on the nursing staff which, if given a choice, he would probably choose to stay with rather than living under the rules of my home.


I am tired of banging my head to get things to change from within the senior care industrial complex, so I found like-minded partners in similar caregiving circumstances who complement my skill set and we have founded The CareGivers' Project to change the way caregiving is felt and perceived and shape our future when we get there and need the care ourself. Its a mass revolution by the pen, camera, and voice.

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