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Bucheon, Korea, Republic of

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We're Simon and Martina, creators of the blog eatyourkimchi and the totally unorigionally named YouTube page, simonandmartina. 0_____o We're a married Canadian couple that live in South Korea and we pour our heart and soul into acting, filming, and editing videos about music, food, and life in Korea.

In a nutshell, we have 5 normally scheduled programs:

Kpop Music Mondays, TL;DR Wednesdays, Wonderful Adventure Now Korea (W.A.N.K) Thursday, The Saturday Kpop Chart Update, and Sunday K-Crunch Indie.  We put extra movies up on our two other bonus pages as well, simonandmartina bonus and openthehappy.

After video blogging in Korea for four years, we're hoping to open the Eatyourkimchi Studio for filming and to eventually hire some full time video ediotrs to help us with our workload!  That means more new segments! YAAAAAAAAY!!!!


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