Richard Sanpei

San Luis Obispo, California, United States

Its good to be wired....sometimes!


Richard Sanpei

As a contractor, I always sought design solutions for needs I observed. I got the idea for hinge temple bar glasses about eleven years ago while working as a general contractor. This project was a hobby at first, then grew in to something I just had to do. I worked through the patenting process and was granted a U.S. Utility Patent. I then worked on refining the design, created prototypes and molds, always refining the project for the highest level of quality. I developed relationships with manufacturers, traveled to trade shows and tested prototypes on various people.The enthusiasm of everyone whom I've shown the glasses to has fueled my determination to bring this project to market. With my partner, my wife, Linda, we established Fuse Optics in early 2012 as a start-up to launch our first model, the C-4.

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