Jim Killon

Huaraz, Peru

An American Humanitarian in the Peruvian Andes

<P>&nbsp;&nbsp;Jim Killon is an American humanitarian in the Andean town of Huaraz Peru. He developed an NGO (non -profit) organization, Changes for New Hope&nbsp;(<A href="http://www.changesfornewhope.org">www.changesfornewhope.org</A>) &nbsp;to assist the poor and disadvantaged children in Peru after seeing desperate conditions throughout his travels in Central and South America. </P> <P>&nbsp; </P> <P>&nbsp;&nbsp; Using his own personal savings and time he built Changes for New Hope, which taught children the basics of English as well as self esteem, interpersonal communication skills, art projects, creativity projects, addressed the medical conditions he saw that were apparent and focussed on the general well being of the children.</P> <P>&nbsp;&nbsp;He also brought in a psychologist to aid with family disputes and violence, which is common. </P> <P>&nbsp; Realizing malnutrition and hunger was a huge problem he began to develop ways to resolve those issues as well. Now, he is searching for ways to develop micro-businesses to help families become self sufficient and self reliant. &nbsp;</P> <P>&nbsp;&nbsp; </P> <P>&nbsp;&nbsp; The project, Changes for New Hope, continues to grow, more children being added each week. Now it is time to ask for help. Funds are being rapidly depleted and more growing financial needs are arising weekly. </P> <P>&nbsp;&nbsp; </P> <P>&nbsp;&nbsp; Jim Killon is a permanent part of the Huaraz community, developing the First Annual Huaraz Benefit Chess Tournament in 2010 and the Second Annual Huaraz Benefit Chess Tournament in 2011. He&nbsp;has been featured on local television Channel 41, Expatperu.com and&nbsp;Livinginperu.com both e-magazines here in Peru and The Positive Pond on Sydney Australian radio and interviewed by You-The Movement. He writes articles and commentaries for Itsonehumanity.org, The Baltimore Sun as well as on his own blog, <A href="mailto:jimkillon@blogspot.com">jimkillon@blogspot.com</A>. He recently hs been invited to the United States Embassy in Lima Peru to discuss the further development of the project's goals. Son of the late John Lennon, Julian Lennon's charitable foundation, The White Feather Foundation lists Changes for New Hope as one of its sponsored organizations. </P> <P>&nbsp; </P> <P>&nbsp; To raise awareness and the values of the Huaraz community, he created the "Haz lo Correcto-Do the Right Thing" campaign. Endorsed by the mayor of Huaraz&nbsp;and directors of tourism and public relations, he has posted 1000s of advertisements to "Do the Right Thing" throughout Huaraz and created an essay contest within the local&nbsp;college to instill the ideal within the youth. A large banner encouraging people to "Do the Right Thing" has hung on the city hall building and currently is posted permanently onstage for every major concert in Huaraz by entertainer great Richard Colonia, who adamantly supports&nbsp;Changes for New Hope. A benefit concert is planned for early 2012. &nbsp;</P> <P>.&nbsp;&nbsp;</P> <P>&nbsp; He has just finished his first storybook for children and it is being translated into Spanish. "We determine what matters, what doesn't, then we get busy" says Jim. At the end&nbsp;of each class he&nbsp;places the children in a circle and shouts "Hacer lo Correcto!"&nbsp;(Do the right thing) to which the children shout,"SI!" (Yes!) Developing children not just out of poverty, but into a quality of life&nbsp;are our goals. It can be done. You can contact him directly at <A href="mailto:jimnollik@yahoo.com">jimnollik@yahoo.com</A></P>

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