How Pricing Works on Indiegogo

More choices. Fewer fees.

  • It’s free to sign up, to create a campaign, and to contribute to a campaign. When your campaign raises funds, Indiegogo charges a 9.0% fee on the funds you raise. If you reach your goal, you get 5.0% back, for an overall fee of 4.0%.

    If you are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, find out about another pricing opportunity here.

Pricing and Fees

Flexible Funding

Fixed Funding

You reach your goal



You don't reach your goal

9% but you get to keep what you earned.

This encourages people to set reasonable goals and promote their campaigns.

0% and your contributors get refunded

Third-party fees do not apply for refunded contributions.

Third party fee

3% for credit card processing.

plus a $25 wire fee for non-U.S. campaigns. Currency exchange fees may also apply.