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Indiegogo is a launchpad for entrepreneurial ideas.

Raise money for your idea and find your first customers from our community of millions: download our Crowdfunding Field Guide to get started.

Project by project, we're changing the way new ideas come to life.


Total raised across all projects, from dance to design.


Contributions from our amazing community of backers for 650k+ projects.


Countries & territories where campaigns have started.


The most a campaign has exceeded its goal … so far!

Dream it. Fund it. Make it. Ship it.
We help at every step from concept to market.


Build up your audience with an Indiegogo Coming Soon BETA page

Successful projects engage early and often with their audience to help generate pre-campaign buzz. Our brand-new Coming Soon BETA pages make it easy for you to spread the word to your network.


Raise funds and grow your community with a crowdfunding campaign

Indiegogo campaigns pair the freedom to tell your story your way with expert resources created by our team of strategists. Flexibility + empowerment = crowdfunding success.


Keep up momentum with early sales in the Indiegogo Marketplace

At the end of a successful campaign we provide fulfillment tools and the ability to sell your product in the Indiegogo marketplace. For select projects, we even connect you to manufacturing and logistics experts.

Get the Crowdfunding Field Guide

Turn your campaign into a successful one: we’ve put together this Crowdfunding Field Guide to give you the tools to succeed.

Tools to launch any cool idea, from robots to rom-coms.

Funding choices

Every project is different. We enable you to make the funding choice that's right for your goal, whether that's fixed (all-or-nothing) or flexible.

Marketing & promotion

Build a fanbase, collect feedback, promote your story–Indiegogo is your complete marketing hub.

Integrated analytics

Launch smart! Use audience analytics and feedback to adjust your campaign on the fly for maximum impact.

Perks options

Bundle them, expand them, even offer them after your campaign ends. More perk options = more opportunity to engage with your fans.

Fulfillment support

Expand your sales footprint with our fulfillment and manufacturing support—including partnerships with Amazon and Brookstone!

Mobile management

Track your campaign performance in real time and communicate with contributors via the Indiegogo mobile app.

Affordable, easy, and secure. All around the world.

  • Credit Card support
  • International deposits

A launchpad for ideas small, large, or larger-than-life.

Small Business

Minimalist bags with a big launch.

Jen and Roman used Indiegogo to launch a stylish and affordable line of handbags. They passed their funding goal by nearly 3X and got noticed by GQ.


Funding from a cast of thousands

Wong Fu Productions launched their first feature film by mobilizing a huge fan base on Indiegogo, ultimately raising more than $350,000.


A hi-tech head start on Indiegogo.

The Bluesmart design team captivated tech lovers everywhere with an award-winning, first-of-its-kind carry-on suitcase.


A mighty tree. A powerful idea.

Lisa Curtis popularized the African Moringa tree as a superfood brand. What started as a home-based project is now in more than 100 stores!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my project is right for Indiegogo?

We know we’re a bit biased, but: we bet you’ll feel right at home around here! Art, architecture, technology, films, DIY—if it’s a creative, entrepreneurial project it’s probably a great fit. Whether you’re just getting started with an idea or are looking for a marketplace solution, there’s a home for your project on Indiegogo.

What goes into a successful campaign?

Having seen hundreds of thousands of campaigns, we know what works – our Campaign Strategists compiled all the tips, tricks, and best practices for a great crowdfunding experience: see the Essential Guide to Crowdfunding.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits and social causes?

Yes. In fact, we built Generosity by Indiegogo with you in mind! Nonprofits and socially minded campaigns enjoy a 0% platform fee on Generosity. If your project aims to improve lives at any scale, we think you should be able to keep more of the funds you raise.

Does Indiegogo offer more than crowdfunding?

You bet! Crowdfunding is still the backbone of Indiegogo—as you’re reading this, thousands of successful campaigns are live around the world. But we also support you through the entire process of bringing new ideas to market. We’re your all-in-one launch platform.

Why do you offer both fixed and flexible funding?

Freedom. It’s a good thing! Choose the style that fits your own idea and goals: Flexible Funding means you keep all the money you raise, regardless of your goal; Fixed Funding means you have a specific funding goal that must be met, which can be a good choice for projects that require set funding to enter production.

My product wasn’t crowdfunded —can I still use Indiegogo’s marketplace?

Yes! We’re interested in hearing from you and learning about your product, whether or not you’ve ran a crowdfunding campaign.

Fundraising with heart—and 0% fees

Raising funds for a nonprofit or a social cause? Check out Generosity by Indiegogo, our fee-free platform for causes large and small.

Ready to go?

You're only a step or two away from kicking off your entrepreneurial adventure on Indiegogo. We know you’ve got options, so we're really glad you're here! Here's where to go next: