Jeff Burns

Troy, New York, United States


Hi!  I always wanted to be a superhero. But since I don't have any superpowers (except the power to be super-geeky) I decided to make a web series about superheroes and villains instead. I first got the film bug in college where me and my friends improv-ed an entire movie for fun (when we weren’t studying of course). The film was about an evil twin, pimps, and Darth Vader. Deciding to make more professional and less ridiculous sounding films, I made my first real short after grad school. Several short films later, my films have screened on PBS and at festivals throughout the northeast.

I'm super-passionate about making films and love the web series format.  I'm so excited to continue telling the story of my super-villain Jessica James and superhero Michael Masters and want to share that story with all of you!

When I'm not making films, I also tutor high school students and am co-founder of Dyslexia Consultants where I help learning-disabled high school students improve their writing and critical reasoning skills. Super Knocked Up, has been viewed almost 2 million times!  Woohoo!  The seires is based on my actual life. Okay, not really. But I would really like to date a hot super-villain!

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